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Móc Khóa Hình Tam Giác Bằng Thép Không Gỉ Cho Dã Ngoại

Stainless Steel Triangle Quick Link Locking Carabiner Hanging Hook Buckle for Outdoor Camping Hiking A really good helper for outdoor camping, hiking, etc. Features: Made of hard stainless steel, high-strength and wear-resisting. Triangular maillon. It can be used for hanging bottles, hanging key rings, connecting tent and ropes, etc. Screw to lock the buckle, more secure and reliable. You can use S7360-0080 and S7360-0100 for mountain-climbing, rock-climbing and other aloft games and sports.( We don't suggest that you use the other four types for that!) Specifications: Material: Stainless steel Type: S7360-0035 / S7360-0040 / S7360-0050 / S7360-0060 / S7360-0080 / S7360-0100 (optional) Breaking force: S7360-0035: 750kg    S7360-0040: 1000kg                 S7360-0050: 1650kg   S7360-0060: 2250kg                 S7360-0080: 3850kg   S7360-0100: 6250kg Package weight: 10 - 157g / 0.4 - 5.5oz Package size: 9 * 7 * 2cm / 3.5 * 2.8 * 0.8in Package List: 1 * Carabiner

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