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Junto al programa Viva Al Aire Libre te mostramos algunas de las novedades de la marca de conservadoras americanas Igloo.
#Igloo #Conservadoras #LasColoniasDistribuciones

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Best 3 Wheeled Coolers
1- Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Cooler -
2- Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Ice Chest -
3- Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler -

If you go shopping for wheeled coolers, you should consider a few important factors like the wheeler’s cost, its carrying capacity, the ease with which you can clean it, the period it can keep your drinks cold, and its general design. Here are some of the top 10 wheeled coolers of 2018

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Best Top 10 Ice Chest For 2021 | Top Rated Best Ice Chest

1.Igloo 120 Quart Polar Extra Large Insulated Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler
2.Coleman Rolling Cooler | 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler
3.Igloo BMX Family with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points
4.Coleman 48-Quart Performance Cooler
5.Igloo BMX Family with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points
6.Igloo BMX Family with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points
7.Sportneer 25 Quart Cooler Ice Chest
8.Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler
9.Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler, Silver
10.Igloo Stainless Steel 54 Quart Cooler

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Feel free to check the pricing and technical details of these camping coolers:

✔ Grizzly 20 Quarts Cooler - (affiliate)
✔ Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze - (affiliate)
✔ YETI Tundra 45 - (affiliate)
✔ Cascade Mountain Tech - (affiliate)
✔ Igloo BMX - (affiliate)

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The picture presented is one of our Leprin factory producing cooler box that has passed the US bear test. our box is strong and safe enough to become your best partner when you are outside for hunting,fishing,camping BBQ.. if you want to buy one for youself or your family member.
contact us through: [email protected].

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We took the Igloo Mission 124QT Cooler on an elk hunt in September to see how it would do and we were extremely impressed! This large capacity cooler housed all of our elk quarters and kept them cool for 3.5 days. Our ice did not melt. For more information on this cooler, check out our review at

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One of the wheels fell off my Coleman Xtreme cooler. The press-fit cap thingie which holds one of the wheels on must have fallen off.

Coleman offers a full axle + wheels + end caps for around $11 + shipping, but I didn't want to wait. My cooler was also new so I called them up, but they said their warranty claim process would take upwards of a month.

So off to the hardware store I went. Local stores don't carry "hat washers", so I had to improvise. My fix consists of a 5/16" fender washer and a 3/32" cotter pin and costs less than $2.

I have a Coleman but I know the Igloo wheeled coolers have a similar cap - the sizes may differ, but the general fix should be the same.

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Данный изотермический контейнер вы можете приобрести в нашем интернет-магазине:

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-Fácil de limpiar, un bolso más fresco duradero

-Lucha contra el moho y de protección UV

-Aislamiento Ultra grueso mantiene frío el contenido

-Extruido de espesor 1.1 espuma de celda cerrada mantiene el hielo hasta 2 días

-Bolsillos delanteros para gafas de sol, teléfonos celulares y las llaves del coche

-Paneles laterales de malla proporcionan un almacenamiento adicional

-Material No corrosivo hecho para sobrevivir las condiciones marinas severas

-Patas antideslizantes no se deslizarán en condiciones de humedad

-Encaje a presión hacia abajo, con cremallera
tapa de la hielera suave proporciona retención supremo frío

-Empuñadura Confort envoltura para facilitar su transporte
Correa de hombro ajustable y extraíble con almohadilla
confort hombro

-Fuga-resistente, fácil de limpiar, revestimiento antimicrobiano es a la vez resistente a las manchas y el olor y es un PEVA gruesa increíble .35mm

Exterior Dimensiones (cm - Largo x Ancho x Alto) 42.545 x 30.48 x 39.37

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31 Lượt xem · 3 năm trước kia The Igloo Wheelie Cool 38 Quart Wheeled 36L Ice Box is built to be easily portable, making it perfect for camping , parties, festivals or barbie's. Just fill the Wheelie Cool with ice and then put your pre-chilled items inside!

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Overview of my new Igloo BMX 52 quart cooler. Nothing scientific, just my thoughts. Ice cubes made in my freezer lasted 2 days in temps of 50 to 70 degrees plus 2.5 more days in my workshop at 70/90 degrees. If I had kept it in the shade instead of on the picnic table, I probably could have gotten another half day out of the ice. Definitely not up to Yeti standards, but still worth $80 to me.

Target link:

Here are some recent reviews for the Igloo BMX 52 vs the competition.

7+ days of ice retention in this test:

Durability comparison:

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Ударопрочный корпус, двойная изоляция крышки и корпуса B'Therm Plast™, колёса для удобной транспортировки, плюс сливной клапан с винтовой пробкой и крепкие замки – всё предусмотрено для того, чтобы термоконтейнер служил вам долгие годы!

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A detailed look at the features of the Icey-Tek 25 Litre, 40 Litre and 55 Litre Cube Cool Boxes. These are our most popular boxes for Camping, Picnics, Festivals and Fishing. Find out what makes Icey-Tek boxes the best in the world.

Available to order online exclusively from Cool Boxes UK at

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Check here:- ⁣

Are you looking for the Best Igloo Coolers We spent time to find out the Best Igloo Coolers for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it.

Here is the list of 5 Best Igloo Coolers

5. Igloo Playmate Elite 16 Qt

4. Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler

3. Igloo Profile 16 Quart Cooler

2. Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

1. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

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3 Lượt xem · 3 năm trước kia The Igloo BMX 25 is a tough no messing about heavy duty 23 Litre Cool Box set for rugged use

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Halo gaes jumpa lagi di Pasgun Channel..

Untuk video kali ini kami akan mereview cooler box dari brand Igloo Tipe Countour, dengan kapasitas 28 Liter yang berasal dari USA.

Cooler Box dari Igloo ini didesain khusus untuk memenuhi kebutuhan kalian yang gemar menikmati petualangan di alam bebas seperti memancing, camping, maupun saat santai bersama keluarga, pesta dan kegiatan lainnya.

Memiliki desain yang sangat praktis untuk dibawa berpergian karena terdapat handle yg dapat berayun  dan juga tampilan yang modern.

Dengan sistem ultratherm pada boks dan tutupnya dengan kualitas terbaik sehingga dapat menyimpan makanan beku hingga tahan sampai 5 hari.

Selain itu juga tidak menyerap bau, sehingga kita dapat menyimpan daging atau Ikan dengan tidak meninggalkan bau amis nya, setelah dicuci.

Cooler ini berkapasitas 28 Liter, memiliki fimensi produk : 42.3 x 33.8 x 45.7 cm

mampu menampung sekitar 41 minuman kaleng, dan 6 botol air mineral ukuran 1,5 liter.

Harga cooler box ini sekitar 690rb. Memang sedikit lebih mahal dibanding merk2 yang lain, tapi saya rasa sebanding dengan kualitasnya yg tahan menyimpan makanan beku hingga 5 hari dan juga terbuat dari material yang kokoh.

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31 Lượt xem · 3 năm trước kia Reinforced blow-molded construction along with steel kick plates, the BMX 52 is one tough cookie, and is the perfect cool box for surviving harsh environments.

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