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How to re-attach the wheels on a Coleman or Igloo cooler for under $2

55 Lượt xem· 04/22/21
Mr Sake
Mr Sake
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One of the wheels fell off my Coleman Xtreme cooler. The press-fit cap thingie which holds one of the wheels on must have fallen off.

Coleman offers a full axle + wheels + end caps for around $11 + shipping, but I didn't want to wait. My cooler was also new so I called them up, but they said their warranty claim process would take upwards of a month.

So off to the hardware store I went. Local stores don't carry "hat washers", so I had to improvise. My fix consists of a 5/16" fender washer and a 3/32" cotter pin and costs less than $2.

I have a Coleman but I know the Igloo wheeled coolers have a similar cap - the sizes may differ, but the general fix should be the same.

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