He2022 giảm giá 150k cho vé bay đôi dù lượn tại

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⁣Màu xanh lá cây cho trẻ em - Tìm hiểu màu sắc - Bài hát màu sắc

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Enjoying the Sunset moments with Bùllywood Team at Đồi Bù.

DoiBu Paragliding Site, Hanoi, Vietnam - 11/2020

Airbuddies: Lê Cao Nguyên, Hải Yến, Nguyễn Vũ, Huyen Nguyen, Duong Vdt, Vũ Ánh Tuyết, Duy Pham, Tuan Dung Vu, Bach Le, Hung Phan, Nguyễn Ngọc Minh, Phạm Thanh Hải, Kathy Kathy,...

& Flycaman Tony Thanh Long ❤

#sunset #paragliding
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⁣Mùa vàng, mùa của những cánh chim bay ngang trời. Bay

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⁣Điểm bay dù lượng đồi bù

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New freestyle offering from Niviuk! Subscribe Here for more

The F-Gravity 2 is the new freestyle offering from Niviuk, the glider where every manoeuvre or trick is possible offering the pilot challenges big or small. It's designed to undertake all the acro manoeuvres in line with your level.

Niviuk and Freestyle, two words together that sound like music to the ears ofacro enthusiasts. Together they offer a glider with comfort and versatility.

The F-Gravity 2 is ideal for the intermediate pilots who want to progress in acro. The new more compact wing brings energy and reliability to your flying. Thanks to its design this wing will help you to grow in the acro discipline.

Meet all the secrets of the great masters at your own. Train and practice until you dominate the technique. And if you want to go beyond, the F-Gravity 2 will fly with you wherever your imagination leads.

More at:

Subscribe To X-Treme Here:

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Swiss Acro Champions, David Geiser and Maël Porret take their Niviuk Peak wings for a ride in the beautiful Swiss Alps.
Their expert piloting skills combined with the precise handling of the Peak leaves us speachless in front of a wonderful sunset.

For more information about the Peak 5 :

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Advanced sigma 10 vs Niviuk artik 5

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Maximum safety in its most compact form.

The Kase takes up little volume, is easy to use and becomes the ideal component to incorporate a rescue parachute in any harness.

Discover more on:

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On peut certes faire de la balade avec le biplace paramoteur Niviuk R-Bus, mais on peut aussi s'amuser comme en solo, à condition que le passager soit d'accord.

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Tu n'as pas de déco à côté de chez toi, prends ta Skin et défriche-s'en un!

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Déballage de la nouvelle Klimber P 22 de chez Niviuk en orange. Elle est magnifique. Premier essai incroyable de maniabilité et de solidité. Un vrai jouet. léger et compacte à emmener partout. Je l'adore déjà.

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Vi har laga ein liten video som viser ein god måte å pakke din eindukar på når du skal på fjelltur. I videoen har vi stort sett brukt produkt du finn i vår nettbutikk, med unntak av den vanntette kompresjonsposen frå SealLine.

Du finn linkar til alle produkta i videoen under her:

Niviuk Skin 3P :
Advance Strapless:
Advance Pipack 2 :
Advance Zip Light:
Companion SQR Light:
SealLine Blocker Purge:

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In the new generation of highly technical gliders the NKare Bag is the essential accessory for the optimum care and folding of your glider.

Niviuk gliders are designed and constructed using the very latest materials and technology. Performance innovations such as the SLE (Structured Leading Edge) and STE (Structured Trailing Edge) do require a certain amount of care, especially when folding the glider.

The new NKare bag will assist to quickly fold and care for your glider ensuring that both the material and the internal structures are maintained in perfect condition.

More info at:

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Advanced sigma 10 vs Niviuk artik 5

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Testing collapses on the Niviuk Artik 4 23m². Details:

Some Remarks:

Frontstall (0:03): Starts to fly again on its own, yet a little break input is needed to open it again.

Asym. Collapse / Seitenklapper #1 (0:20) : A single bump of the break (applied early!) reopenes the glider perfectly.

Asymm. Collapse / Seitenklapper #2 (0 :45): Without input the glider goes to auto-rotation / spiral dive (trying to pump in the rotation expectedly did not work ;)). After letting it turn a bit, I did a minimal weightshift on the opposite side (1:06 , didn't even break), which stops the rotation. In straight flight recovery is easy ;)

Big ears (1:23): Easy and stable, you need to pump them out.

(1:45) Controlling pitch / roll is intuitive and easy.

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Di vidio kali ini saya unboxing Harnes dari Niviuk paragliders yaitu niviuk makan, ini harnes di design untuk accuracy, ya walaupun ini di design untuk accuracy tapi untuk yang terbang hanya sekedar fun fly atau untuk belajar thermalling tentu nya harnes ini nyaman dan enak juga, penasaran dengan enak nya harnes ini yu hubungi kami untuk order ☺️😁

Untuk yang suka vidio ini jangan lupa like share dan komen ya gaess
Dan yang blom subcribe chanel saya subcribe dulu ya, terimakasih sampe ketemu di vidio selanjutnya

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Recap of my paragliding season of 2020 across the Alps and Tenerife, by competitions or cross country

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Niviuk Ikuma

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