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Niviuk Artik 4 Deflations

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Du Luon Org
Du Luon Org
13 Jul 2021

Testing collapses on the Niviuk Artik 4 23m². Details:

Some Remarks:

Frontstall (0:03): Starts to fly again on its own, yet a little break input is needed to open it again.

Asym. Collapse / Seitenklapper #1 (0:20) : A single bump of the break (applied early!) reopenes the glider perfectly.

Asymm. Collapse / Seitenklapper #2 (0 :45): Without input the glider goes to auto-rotation / spiral dive (trying to pump in the rotation expectedly did not work ;)). After letting it turn a bit, I did a minimal weightshift on the opposite side (1:06 , didn't even break), which stops the rotation. In straight flight recovery is easy ;)

Big ears (1:23): Easy and stable, you need to pump them out.

(1:45) Controlling pitch / roll is intuitive and easy.

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