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DIY: Car-top ‘Solar’ Camp Shower | REI

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Mr Sake
Mr Sake
09 Jun 2021

Complete tool list and directions at:

Stay clean wherever your adventure takes you. Learn how to build your own ‘solar’ camp shower for your car.

Drill with 1/8″, 3/4″ and 3/8″ bits

One 10′ length of 4″ Schedule 40 ABS pipe (this will depend on how much water you want the shower to hold)
Two 4″ ABS end caps
One 4″ T-joint ABS fitting with threaded top opening
4″ ABS cleanout cap for T-joint
One 1/2″ brass locknut
One flat rubber O-ring
Two canoe foam blocks (optional: these go on your vehicle’s crossbars and keep the shower more secure and held off the bars; alternately you can just tie the shower directly to the bars)
One Schrader valve from an aluminum wheel; available at any tire/wheel shop
ABS cleaner/primer
ABS cement
Waterproof silicone sealant
Tie-down straps
Petroleum jelly
Schrader bike pump
One 3/4″ hose spigot
Hose with nozzle

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