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Regular Coleman Cooler 7 Day Ice Test

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15 Jul 2021

Coleman Cooler on Amazon -
Let's see how long a regular Coleman cooler can keep ice in this 7-day ice test challenge. The results completely surprised me.

In this regular cooler ice test I used a Coleman 40-Quart (38 Liter) cooler that sells for about $30 on Amazon. This is a great little cooler for the price and held ice way longer than I expected.

Conditions for this ice test were good with most days around 70 degrees during the hottest part of the day and down to 50 degrees at night. The cooler was kept in the shade and was opened 5 times a day.

On day 3 the ice was broken up as it had formed into a complete block. See how long a regular cooler can keep ice for in this 7-day ice test challenge.

Coleman Cooler on Amazon -

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