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Mr Sake
Mr Sake
17 Sep 2021

When looking for an awesome soft cooler for a day on the boat, beach, or road trip, the Yeti Hopper 12 and the Igloo Reactor 18 are great coolers that can satisfy all your needs! We put together a 24-Hr Ice Challenge to see who would hold the most ice over that time with no interruption, presented by Joe LoBianco, our Digital Media Manager.

You can shop these products and get a feel for them yourself right here at Big Dog Tackle in Pompano Beach, FL!

Watch along to find out who held the most ice over the 24-Hr time period!

We thank you so much for watching and hope to see you on the next one!

Be sure to Comment, Like, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more great fishing tackle, rigs, and product reviews ahead!

Check out Big Dog Tackle, In-Store or Online for all the gear you need for your next trip out on the water ...

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